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Holliday High School UIL Academic and One Act Play State Send Off

Posted Date: 05/02/2019

Holliday High School is sending 38 styudents to State in UIL Academics and One Act Play.

Academic State

OAP State



Leah Bullinger (SPELLING)

Sara Anderson

Chase Borchardt (SPELLING)

Emily Beaman

John Lovett (SPELLING)

Cody Bowers

Alexis Wilson (SPELLING and OAP)

Daisy Canada

Hailey Cating (LC)

Rylee Crayton

Kaylee Twilligear (LC)

Shelbey Crayton

Zoe Gerk (LC and News)

Katie Dees

Carley Koski (LC and OAP)

Caleb Faver

Beth Campsey (LC)

Kaden Kimbrough

Adrian Mahan (Copy)

Tyler Lincoln

Logan Schlegel (ACCT and CE)

Grace Pearce

Maddie Reynolds (CE)

Andres Revis

Colten Ellis (ACCT and CE)

Sarah Rivers

Kathryn Donoho (CE)

Ian Robinson

Kylee Wooten (ACCT)

Corbyn Scobee

Erin Wooten (ACCT)

Davis Scobee


Alyssa Scherff


Alex Sinks


Nikki Stancik


Jenna Toulan


Jaylee Whitson


Hailey Wilson

Good luck to all our students and coaches. HERO!