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Changes in Traffic Flow at Holliday ISD

Posted Date: 08/13/2019

Thumbnail Image for Article Changes in Traffic Flow at Holliday ISD

In order to ease congestion on College Avenue and improve drop off and pick on all campuses Holliday ISD will be using a new traffic flow pattern for this school year. All school traffic will have to enter from F.M. 368 at the HS Entrance, Band Hall Entrance or Eagle Drive. The main entrance at the HS will be a one-way entrance only. The drives in front and West of the Elementary School will be one-way exits and right turn only onto College Avenue. Parents and students can enter the campus from F.M. 368 South of the Admin Building and Band hall or enter the campus from Eagle Drive via the new concrete drive South of the stadium that connects Eagle Drive at the Field house to the drive behind the High School. While getting used to the new traffic flow may take a little time, we hope it will reduce congestion for our parents and students. We look forward to a great school year!