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Holliday ISD Accepting Sealed Bids for Surplus Vehicles

Posted Date: 05/22/2020



Holliday Independent School District is accepting “Sealed Bids” for the sale of 5 (4 buses and 1 passenger) surplus vehicles.  Bids will be accepted at the Holliday ISD Administration Office located at 751 College Avenue, Holliday Texas until 2:00 p.m. Monday, June 15, 2020 at which time they will be opened and tabulated.  Holliday I.S.D. will award the vehicles to the highest bidder(s).  Holliday I.S.D. reserves the right to reject bids if they are not comparable to fair market value of the vehicles. Vehicles may be bid separately, but HISD will give consideration to combined bids for all of the buses and or all of the passenger vehicles, if they are in the best interest of the district.

A description and picture of the vehicles can be found on our website .


The vehicles may be inspected during the workday, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 751 College Avenue, Holliday Texas. All payments must be received by June 19, 2020 before vehicles may be removed. Contact Lonnie Brumley at 940-631-3319 for additional information.


Please submit your printed name, full address, phone number and an original signature with your bid to:  Dustin Scobee, Business Manager; Holliday ISD; PO Box 689; Holliday, Texas 76366 or hand deliver at 751 College Avenue, Holliday, Texas.  Envelopes must be marked “Sealed Bids – Surplus Vehicles”.


#1 2000 71 passenger BlueBird school bus

#2 1994 15 passenger GMC school bus with lift.

#3 1999 31 passenger BlueBird school bus

#4 2000 15 passenger BlueBird school bus

#5 2006 Chevy Van

1994 15 passanger GMC with Lift

Odometer 1994 GMC

2000 Bluebird 15 passenger

odometer 2000

1999 31 passenger Bluebird

Odometer 1999 Bluebird 31 passenger

2000 71 passenger Bluebird

Odometer 2000 Bluebird

2006 Chevy Van

Odometer 2006 Chevy Van