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HERO Collegiate Academy - PTECH

Holliday High School is continuing to pursue the most advantageous college opportunities for students. In doing so and in evaluating our largest population of interest, HERO Collegiate Academy has begun a new partnership with Angelo State University, a four-year university. Students who attend HERO Collegiate Academy with ASU will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and college credit hours, with the hours being credited for both educational purposes. HERO Collegiate Academy also engages students in certification programs where students may earn certifications during high school that will easily transfer into a higher-level program upon graduation. Our most popular certification class at this time would be our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. Either of these options assure that our students are college or career ready as soon as they graduate from high school and take the next step to adulthood. 

Thanks to grant money that we are now eligible to receive, our new tuition assistance program is able to begin with this Spring ‘23 semester. HISD will pay for up to 12 hours for our dual credit students. After those 12 hours have been used, the students will be responsible for their tuition. Also, the 12 hours can only be used for History, English, Government, and Economics. Any other class such as Biology and Algebra will be the responsibility of the student. 

Attending a collegiate academy allows students to:

  • Earn college hours while in high school that are paid for by the ISD.
  • Enter the job market with a work-ready skill upon completion of high school by attaining Industry Certifications 
  • Become familiar with the effort required to successfully complete collegiate level coursework while a high school student and to recieving study skills support and tutoring.