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2023-2024 Results

Academic District Results:

The Holliday Academic Team accumulated 734 points to receive the Overall Academic Championship (including One-Act Play and Cross-Examination Debate). The 2nd Place Team had a total of 249 points.


  • Accounting: 1st -Bryce Palmer, with a PERFECT SCORE; 2nd -Preston Taylor; 3rd -Carter Koski; 4th -Mikayla Radtke
    Accounting Team: 1st Place Team


  • Calculator Applications: 1st -Nate Newberry; 3rd -Isac Raihan; 5th -Tate Jackson
    Calculator Applications: 1st Place Team


  • Current Issues: 3rd -Shay Hayden; 5th -Emma McKnight


  • Computer Applications: 1st -Chase Inman; 2nd -Nathan Connor; 4th -Ian Young


  • Copy Editing: 1st -Nate Newberry; 2nd -Daisy Davison; 3rd -Maggie Maxwell
  • Editorial Writing: 1st -Stevie Markham
  • Feature Writing: 1st -Stevie Markham; 5th -Palin Shoop
  • Headline Writing: 1st -Cormic Hughes
  • News Writing: 3rd -Stevie Markham; 4th -Bryson Pounds; 5th -Palin Shoop
  • Journalism Team: 1st Place Team with 112 points


  • Literary Criticism: 1st -Caitlin Willis; 2nd -Grace Vestal; 3rd -TaraAnn Lambert; 4th -Knox Donoho
  • Literary Criticism Team: 1st Place Team


  • Mathematics: 3rd -Nate Newberry; 5th -Shay Hayden


  • Number Sense: 2nd -Bryce Palmer
    Number Sense Team: 2nd Place Team


  • Ready Writing: 1st -Kylie Martinez; 5th -Palin Shoop


  • Science: 6th -Knox Donoho


  • Social Studies: 1st -Madeline Marks; 3rd -Preston Taylor; 4th -Tate Jackson
    Social Studies Team: 1st Place Team


  • Spelling and Vocabulary: 5th -Caitlin McConnell; 6th -Owen Brown
    Spelling and Vocabulary Team: 2nd Place Team


  • Informative Speaking: 1st -Chase Inman; 2nd -Shay Hayden; 3rd -Daniel Santiago
  • Persuasive Speaking: 1st -Ian Young; 2nd -Sadie Prather; 3rd -Cassandra Terrell
  • Poetry Interpretation: 1st -Zachary Molina; 2nd -Morgan Parker; 4th -Bria McLoughlin
  • Prose Interpretation: 1st -Cadence Oldham; 2nd -Melody Keep; 3rd -Rayden Psencik
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 1st -Carter Koski; 2nd -Owen Brown; 3rd -Clara Pryor
    Speech Team: 1st Place Team with 237 Points