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Year at a Glance


1st Nine Weeks

  • Introduction: Processes for Scientific Investigations
  • Investigating Physical Properties of Matter
  • Investigating Mixtures
  • Investigating Energy

2nd Nine Weeks

  • Investigating Force and Motion
  • Investigating Natural Resources

3rd Nine Weeks

  • Investigating the Changing Earth 
  • Investigating Weather and the Water Cycle
  • Investigating Patterns of the Sun, Earth, and Moon System

4th Nine Weeks

  • Investigating Energy Flow in Living Systems
  • Investigating Structure and Behaviors of Organisms
  • Investigating Life Cycles

Social Studies Year at a Glance

1st Nine Weeks

  • Thinking Like a Geographer in Texas (salt dough maps)
  • Thinking Like a Historian
  • American Indian Life In Texas (Native American reports)

2nd Nine Weeks

  • European Exploration and Mission Life
  • The Empresario System
  • Revolution in Texas (Alamo due after Christmas)

3rd Nine Weeks

  • Republic of Texas and Statehood
  • Texas During the Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Settling the Texas Frontier

4th Nine Weeks

  • Economic Development and Urbanization in Texas
  • Texans Making a Difference