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Teacher:                Coach Griffin

Subject:                 Geometry

Year:                       2021-2022 Academic Year



Grading Policy:                     The grading system used for this class is as follows:   Major Exams (2 min. per six weeks)                 40%

                                                                                                                                                Quizzes (2 min. per six weeks)                         30%

                                                                                                                                                Daily Work                                                             30%


Students will keep up with a spiral, which will have a copy of the rules and regulations, vocabulary and notes.  These can be spot graded at any time.


Tutorials:                               While I do not have a set tutorial time, I am available almost any morning.  Due to my coaching responsibilities, I am not available after school.  I am in my room by 7:30 on most day, let me know the day before, and I will make sure I am there.


Materials Needed:               Textbook, spiral notebook, pencils, and paper.


Materials Covered:              Due to the new scope and sequence requested by the state, the majority of the book will be covered, but not in the order that the book appears.


Reminders:                           Each child can text “@8bgfhf” to 81010.  This will send any class info out to all subscribers from me.  You will not be able to reply and I will not be able to see your number



Connection of TEKS and Chapters Covered



First Semester Second Semester

1st Six Weeks                                                           4th Six Weeks

Unit 01: Foundations of Geometry (10 days)


Unit 02: Geometry on the Coordinate Plane (15 days)

G.1C; G.4; G.5AC; G.7ABC; G.9A; G.10A; G.11A

Unit 07: Properties of Two-Dimensional Figures (10 days)

G.1BC; G.3B; G.5AB; G.9BC

Unit 08: Measurement of Two-Dimensional Figures (15 days)

G.4; G.8ABEF; G.11D

2nd Six Weeks                                                          5th Six Weeks

Unit 03: Properties of Lines and Transversals (7 days)

G.2B; G.3CE; G.9A

Unit 04: Triangles (18 days)

G.1C; G.2AB; G.3BC; G.4; G.5AB; G.7ABC; G.9B; G.10B; G.11AB

Unit 09: Properties of Three-Dimensional Figures (10 days)

G.1B; G.3B; G.5AB; G.6ABC; G.9D

Unit 10: Measurement of Three-Dimensional Figures (15 days)

G.4; G.8DF; G.11D

3rd Six Weeks                                                           6th Six Weeks

Unit 05: Right Triangles (13 days)

G.1B; G.2B; G.3BC; G.4; G.5ABD; G.8C; G.11ABC

Unit 06: Quadrilaterals (7 days)

G.2B; G.4; G.5B; G.7ABC; G.9B

Unit 11: Tying It All Together (10 days)


Unit 12: Geometry of Architectural Design (10 days)

G.2AB; G.3BE; G.4; G.5CD; G.6BC; G.7ABC; G.8ABCDF; G.9D; G.10AB;G.11AD