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Grading Policy

All grades are weighted equally. Graded work will be sent home each week. (Students in my homeroom will check their mailboxes throughout the week.  Any work that has been given to me from the other teachers will be in their mailboxes daily.  It is the student’s responsibility to check their mailbox, but at the first of the year, I will remind students who still have papers in their boxes by Friday of each week.)  Please be sure and check the graded work and homework pocket of your child’s HERO folder daily. Failing work is handed back earlier, so it can be corrected. We ask that it is placed in the homework pocket of the HERO folder since corrections need to be completed by the date noted on the paper and returned to the teacher responsible for that class.  The highest grade possible is a 70, after the first attempt grade and second attempt grade are averaged.  Corrections must be signed by a parent. If work is late, ten points are subtracted from the grade for up to three days. The highest grade possible on work turned in after three days is a 50. 


If you want access to your child’s grade online, please call the office. Mrs. Jones will give you your code.


Please check the HERO folder each night, along with the homework pocket. Please clean out the notes home and graded work pockets every day. Please do not take anything out of the subject area pockets.