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Tina Denton

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Students should bring 1 large box of facial tissue and 1 large tub of antibacterial wipes to begin the year. 
Accounting students should have plenty of pencils and erasers.
Some classes may have other items needed later in the semester.

1st period – 8:00-8:48 – Animation I & II
2nd period – 
8:52-9:38 – CONFERENCE
3rd period – 
9:42-10:28 – Principles of Information Technology
4th period –
10:42-11:27 – Web Design
5th period –
11:31-12:16 - Digital Media
6th period –
12:20-1:05 – Accounting
7th period –
1:39-2:25 – Graphic Design (Yearbook)
8th period – 
2:29-3:15 – Computer Programming I & II

 UIL Events:

UIL Practice – 3:30–5:30 (tentatively)
Accounting – Monday

The Accounting UIL contest focuses on elementary principles and practices of accounting for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.  Bookkeeping terminology, worksheet with adjustments, financial statements, trial balance, account classification, journalizing, posting, bank reconciliation, payroll, and other times related to the basic accounting cycle.​

Computer Applications – Tuesday
This contest works with the Microsoft Office Suite by integrating Word, Excel, and Access. The skills learned from this contest will be beneficial to all students in college as well as in the workplace.

​Film/Animation – Thursday
The film and animation contests fall under the theatre category.  There are 4 types of submissions for this event: Film-documentary or narrative, Animation-traditional or digital.

Business Professionals of America (BPA) Events:

See me or Mrs. Wingrove for more information and join BPA today! 

Interested in Business or Technology classes but need more information? Click the Google Slides link below.


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